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An Analysis of Global Healthcare Economics and its Correlation to Quality Uncertainty
Medical Research

In contemporary society, nations across the globe have attempted to create high quality healthcare systems that are economically viable. Without regard to any political or economic system, there is one commonality: consumers of healthcare services expect a "standard" of quality in the services they receive. The United States continues to debate the provision of services and the payment for such services, notwithstanding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). Quality, however, is subject to costs and finances of applicable models. This study dives deeper into the following questions as well as others.

  • 1. Which healthcare models do a good job with a balanced economy?
  • 2. Does the quality of medical services provided result as an affect of their respected financial setups?
  • 3. What strategies, techniques, and practices are the best to control healthcare finances in the economy while delivering an acceptable level of quality, expectancy, and certainty?

Machine Learning Biomarker Detection & Pharmacovigilance
Medical Research


Honesty, Humility, Humanity

This is a fictional novel which entails our main character embarking on a journey following a midlife crisis. We take time to explore controversial topics such as purpose, value, religion, materialism, and others. The novel offers no conclusive answers to any major questions, however, it compares and contrasts all sides and points. The idea is for the reader to make the decisions that our main character was not fortunate enough to be able to.

Financial Precipice

Following the 2007-08 financial crisis it is imperative for folks to understand what makes these times of struggles occur. This financial guide explores the concepts of inflated valuations, industry bubbles, investment planning, and overall financial management. It is meant to serve as a major supplement to planning one's life from a financially sound perspective.

Another Typical Day

This children's book is meant to offer entertainment while fostering joy via the conveyance of underlying themes. We follow our main character in his exciting routinely adventures and see what every turn of the page holds.